Loom Love

A few weeks ago I was less-than-subtly musing upon how useful it would be to have a small frame loom to weave samples on when my lovely other half popped off to his workshop and came back a few hours later with this:


A practical love token is definitely the best kind! So off I set to weaving some samples. I had some ready-spun South Down (white) and Jacob (humbug brown) yarn which hadn’t made the grade for my non-colour gamp (here) but which proved just the thing for creating some monochrome samples. Mostly I just played around with plain weave, seeing what patterns I could make by changing the warp and weft combinations, however I did dip a toe into the intimidating world of twill. As it happens it wasn’t so scary after all and  the herringbone twill turned out to be my favourite sample.

At this point I feel I should offer a word of warning: Just because twill is easy on a small frame loom does not mean it is straightforward on a rigid heddle loom. I have since learned this…the slow, painful way. The project I had in mind when creating these samples is now on the loom and proving to be a particularly tricky customer… To be continued…


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