May Showers

May Showers Taygete

When I started this project for an April birthday present I knew three things – it was going to be a shawl, it should be knitted in the recipient’s (mother dearest)  favourite colour to wear [i.e. grey], and it absolutely, definitely, no-question-about-it had to be finished by the last weekend in April.

Task 1: find a shawl

In the end, after a few day-dreamy hours hunting through the Great Ravelry Pattern Archive, I decided on Taygete by Romi Hill. Not too fussy, nice two-tone depth of colour (if that’s possible when both colours are grey!), and I like picot looped cast off edges so a winner all round.

Task 2: select the yarn

I was looking for something soft, hand-dyed and with a touch of luxury so I was very happy to come across The Uncommon Thread. They hand-dye luxury british yarns in some beautiful colour-ways, and coincidentally create all of their magic just down the road in Brighton. Perfect. I picked two slightly different grey colour-ways called ‘Nimbostratus’ and ‘Smog’. Naturally, this meteorological theme along with the April deadline (see task 3) soon had me humming ‘Little April Shower‘ every time I dug my needles out of my bag, much to the bemusement of my fellow commuters…drip drip drop, hum hum hum…

Task 3: MUST finish by 25th April

I imagine by the title you’ve probably already guessed how this one ends. Day after day I knitted my little heart out, but alas, life got in the way and as I pulled into Oxford Circus on the no. 73 for the deadline birthday lunch I was only just beginning the picot cast-off. Ah well, a week later it was finished and blocked and very well received. Good job in Britain rain isn’t confined to a single 30 days of the year – I hear May is the new April… 🙂


2 thoughts on “May Showers

  1. I love your musings, this really made me smile! I think I am going have access to some wool from Hebden Bridge sheep, begins with a B but forget the name and I’m not as woolly as you !!! Are you interested? It’s from someone who has closed a wool shop so I’m guessing it will be reasonable, Sue

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