An experiment in (non) colour

You’ll know from the less than subtle hints I’ve been dropping that this project has been brewing for a while now. Inspiration for it was two-fold…

First, I’d seen a lot of colour gamps (woven colour samplers such as this one) and had the urge to experiment. I love the way the colours seem to graduate yet at the same time appear quite blocky. Second, my love of the sheer diversity of British wool – this was whipped up into an excited frenzy in the wool shed on my last visit to Wingham Wool. I ended up leaving with a over a kilo of different wool tops in a great array of natural textures and tones. Everything from the usual suspects (Shetland, Blue-faced Leicester, Jacob) through to the lesser known/loved breeds – Corriedale, Manx Loaghtan, Cheviot, Massam, South Down.

So I had the idea for my own colour gamp, but of the un-dyed variety… a non-colour gamp. A few busy nights spinning away and the loom was ready for warping. Unfortunately I only have ‘before’ and ‘during’ shots for you as it’s still on the loom. I’m pretty pleased with the results so far though. I particularly love the way the blocks running diagonally through the middle match the different breeds and the rest of the blocks are a completely new non-colour creation…

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2 thoughts on “An experiment in (non) colour

  1. That’s fascinating and probably quite useful too — you should also be able to get a bit of an idea of how the wool from the various breeds mixes in weaving — depending on whether it’s warp or weft — and the resulting hand after washing. Might have to weave up one of these myself from my own favourite fibers!

    • Thanks fibercrush – I hadn’t even thought about how the fibres might blend – bonus! What has become apparent is the difference between the different skeins I’ve spun. At first they all seemed pretty similar, in look and handle but once on the loom they seem to have taken on a life of their own with some being much ‘bouncier’ than others – I’m not sure whether this is the difference in fibres or my erratic spinning! I’m contemplating how to finish it; whether to go for a light wash or a more extreme hot-cold shock wash, I guess I’ll decide once it’s off the loom. Looking forward to seeing how you get on with yours 🙂

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