The consequences of wool deprivation

I didn’t buy any wool this weekend (…it was tough!). To make up for this, I bought a chair : ) I don’t need a chair, but there’s no purchase quite so satisfying as a frivolous one!

It all happened quite accidentally… As I was passing the local second-hand furniture shop on Saturday, I spied a sad, faded little chair on its own at the back, angled suggestively as though inviting passers-by to sit down. So I did… turns out it’s a very comfy sad-faded-little chair that just needs some TLC (and who am I to deny it that!)

The Boudoir Chair

It is now referred to as my ‘Boudoir Chair’. However it is also has the perfect makings of a carding/spinning/knitting chair so this is subject to change. Now all that’s left to do is strip it back, clean it up and decide what to cover it with… maybe a nice wool tweed… [note to self: buy some wool].


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